OAP Mentorship Program

The OAP is dedicated to helping Ossining Artists bring art to Ossining. If you have a project that you need help
getting off the ground, reach out to us here. Let us know what you would like to bring to Ossining. Let us know
what obstacles are keeping you from doing so. Let us help you bring more art to Ossining. We look to help
artists get their sea legs, so that their projects can become self-sustaining and independent of support from the OAP.


Past Mentorship Projects

In 2016, Ted Daniels brought the idea of the Ossining Jazz Festival to the OAP. We paired him with an enthusiastic and willing producer, Michelle Concha Herko. Ted was concerned that sales of festival tickets might not cover the artist fees. The Village guaranteed any shortfall in the artist fees for the festival. In 2017, Ossining was home to the inaugural Ossining Jazz Festival: A tribute to Sonny Sharrock. The festival was such a success, it ended up not needing to dip into the funds allocated by the Village. In June 2018, the Ossining Jazz Festival returns for a second year with A Tribute to Women in Jazz and Blues, adding a third day and an educational component. And this year they the Festival is self-supporting, with paid community-generated sponsorships and is completely completely independent of the OAP.